04 - 05 October 2012, Budapest, Hungary
We would like to thank our partners and sponsors for supporting us and the whole event, our speakers and advisers for contributing with their knowledge, experience and strategies, and all delegates for finding the time to join us in Budapest. We are delighted that you chose to attend the PHARMA COMMERCIAL EXCELLENCE in CEE, CIS, SEE & Turkey and we had the chance to meet you there and talk to you.
If you have any further questions or you are just eager to learn more about our upcoming events, do not hesitate to contact us. We would also appreciate your comments and suggestions that could help us improve our future conferences.


Your event was a perfect comprehensive overview of the current position of pharma companies in the region, an excellent occasion for the exchange of ideas.

Lorant Selmeci, Sales Manager, Roche, Hungary

Thank you for a lot of new information, specifically regarding the CEE region, it is good to know the options of industry representatives and stakeholders.

Beata Taligas, Manager, International Sales and Marketing, Gedeon Richter, Hungary

buttonPharma150x1501CEE, CIS together with SEE and Turkey represent attractive arenas for Pharma companies due to the wide availability of untreated patients, insufficient access to preventive medicine as well as lower costs. However, ever growing competition in the region forces companies to rebuild commercialization processes and adopt new innovative strategies to achieve early market access and improve sales and marketing techniques in order to maximize their competitive advantage. Furthermore, recent tendencies of rising healthcare costs, increasing power of payers together with cost-containment measures implemented by governments generate the need to address this new market reality.

These and many other challenges that all industry stakeholders are facing in the region, will be discussed at the Pharma Excellence in the CEE, CIS, SEE & Turkey event. Do not miss this opportunity to attend focused presentations and interactive debates and exchange your opinions with renowned experts representing industry, regulatory, government and payer perspectives.


  • Unravel opportunities and challenges within the diversified market environment in the CEE, SEE &CIS
  • Gain insight into the situation in the markets of Turkey, Belarus, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Poland and other countries
  • Discuss the importance of HTA for pricing & reimbursement with experts from various countries
  • Understand the growing payers’ role in the entire product life-cycle
  • Learn how to capture maximum business potential
  • Explore how to cultivate dialogue between key stakeholders – payers, industry, physicians, patients
  • Identify benefits of the risk-sharing concepts
  • Optimize your strategy for successful product launch
  • Reveal modern trends in digital marketing communications
  • Exploit benefits of the Key account management
  • A chieve commercial excellence via exploring CRM solutions
  • Foster your SFE through first-class training and management


  • Industry perspective
Kadir Tepebaşi | Eli Lilly | Turkey (Managing Director) – will speak about the current situation in the healthcare system in Turkey
Janusz Araucz | Mylan | Poland (Regulatory Affairs Director) – will deliver regulatory perspective on the New Reimbursement Act and Polish healthcare system overall
  • Patients perspective
Victor Serdiuk | All-Ukrainian Council for Patiens‘ Rights and Safety | President
Eugeny Nayshtetik | All-Ukrainian Council for Patiens‘ Rights and Safety | VP

  • HTA perspective
Imre Boncz | Univeristy of Pecs  – will bring Hungarian perspective on HTA practices
Martin Višňanský | SLOVAHTA – Slovak perspective
Yalçin Kaya | ISPOR – Turkish perspective
Vitaly Omelianovsky | ISPOR – Russian perspective


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